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Ilario De Vincenzo was born in Trani (BT, Italy) on December 28, 1989. In July 2011 he graduated with the final mark of 110/110 with honors at Polytechnic of Bari, obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a thesis in Fluid Dynamics entitled "Tumbling inside a combustion chamber model". In November 2013 he achieved at Polytechnic of Bari a second level degree in Mechanical Engineering with final mark 110/110 cum laude with a thesis in Fluid Machines entitled "Analysis and optimization of a return channel for centrifugal compressor". His thesis work was funded by the company GE Oil & Gas based in Florence, who offered him a scholarship. Since January 2014 he is attending the Mechanical and Management Engineering PhD course at Polytechnic of Bari. His research is focused on energy harvesting in non-linear systems and on how stochastic resonance may affect the system efficiency. A second topic of research concerns the modeling of complex systems with applications to sociology, politics and economics.


Ilario De Vincenzo

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