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I. De Vincenzo "Emergence and exploitation of collective intelligence of groups"

G. Recchia "Mechanical behaviour of atomic force microscope for the characterisation of extremely soft materials"

N. Menga "Adhesion and friction in periodic contacts of elastic and viscoelastic layers"

C. Putignano "Contact mechanics of rough elastic and viscoelastic solids"

L. De Novellis "Theoretical and Experimental Characterization of Continuously Variable Transmissions"

M. Scaraggi  "Contact and Friction Modeling of Rough Surfaces in Dry and Lubricated Contacts"

F. Bottiglione "Field Testing and Validation of Dynamical Models of Articulated Tank Vehicles"

E. Pierro "Noise and Vibration in Machine Design"


Theoretical/Experimental investigation of AFM cantilever dynamics in liquids.

Modelling fluid leakage in flat seals

Fluid leakage measurement in flat seals

Measurement of link forces in chain CVTs

Measurement of viscoelastic energy dissipation in propagating cracks

Measurement of oil film thickness in mixed-EHL squeeze contacts

Modelling and measurement of interfacial separation in rough contacts

Influence of roughness on surface superhydrophobicity

Contact angle measurement of drop on micro- and nano-structured surfaces

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