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Francesco was born in Taranto (Italy) on January 4, 1981. He gained his Mechanical Engineering Degree summa cum laude on November 2004, with a thesis on the mechanics of the intervertebral disc. Then, he  became a Ph. D. student in Mechanical and Biomechanical Enginering at DIMeG, Politecnico di Bari. In the year 2005 he had the Qualification as a Professional Engineer of the Italian Association of Engineers. He finally got his Ph. D. in 2008 with a thesis in the field of heavy vehicle dynamics. In 2008 he became member of the research staff of DIASS, Politecnico di Bari. In the December 2008 he became Assistant Professor of Applied Mechanics for the same Institution. His research interests are in the field of heavy vehicle dynamics, mechanical transmissions, contact mechanics and seals.


Francesco Bottiglione


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