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Luciano Afferrante - Research Interests

Scientific research areas in the field of tribology:

(i) rolling contact fatigue;

(ii) frictional Thermo Elastic (TEI) and Thermo Elastic-Dynamic Instability (TEDI);

(iii) corrugation of railways;

(iv) superhydrorepellence and adhesion of micro-structured surfaces;

(v) contact of rough surfaces.

Other research interests: fracture from cracks and biomechanics of the aortic valve. With reference to the research areas (iv), particular attention has been paid to the definition of generalized physical models in order to understand the behavior of liquid drops on superhydrofobic surfaces, and to the study of the adhesive and superhydrorepellent properties of biologically inspired surfaces with the aim to optimize their geometry to enhance their performances. He regularly does activities of peer review for numerous international scientific journals.


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