The TriboLAB belongs to the net of research labs TRASFORMA, recently established at Technical University of Bari thanks to the financial support of the Government of Regione Apulia.

The mission of the TriboLAB is to investigate phenomena taking place at the interface of contacting bodies, such as rough contact mechanics, friction, hydrorepellence, lubrication, crack propagation.

The TriboLAB is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Carbone. The staff is constituted by one Associate Professor, two Tenured Assistant Professors, three Visiting Scientists and two PhD students.

  • Research Achievements

Theory of Reciprocating Contact for Viscoelastic Solids
Loading-unloading hysteresis loop of randomly rough adhesive contacts
A novel methodology to predict sliding and rolling friction of viscoelastic materials: theory and experiments
Soft Matter Cover Story: The effect of drop volume and micropillar shape on the apparent contact angle of ordered microstructured surfaces
A mean-field approach to assess the syperhydrophobic properties of randomly rough surfaces
Assessing the superhydrophobic robustness of randomly rough surfaces
Simple but accurate calculations of frictional performance of CVT transmission
Experimental assessment of multiasperity contact theories and Persson’s contact mechanics
A novel BEM formulation for the analysis of sliding and rolling viscoelastic contacts


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