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Publications in 2013
F. Bottiglione, G. Carbone, L. De Novellis, L. Mangialardi, and G. Mantriota," Mechanical hybrid KERS based on toroidal traction drives: an example of smart tribological design to improve terrestrial vehicle performance", Advances in Tribology, vol. 2013, 2013.
Publications in 2012
LEONARDO DE NOVELLIS, GIUSEPPE CARBONE, and LUIGI MANGIALARDI," Traction and efficiency performance of the Double roller Full Toroidal Variator: A comparison with Half- and Full- Toroidal drives", ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, vol. 134, no. 7, pp. art. no. 071005, 2012.
CARBONE G., BOTTIGLIONE F., DE NOVELLIS L., MANGIALARDI L., and MANTRIOTA G.," The Double Roller Full Toroidal Variator: A Promising Solution For Kers Technology", SAE-China FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress, 2012.
Publications in 2011
Leonardo De Novellis, Giuseppe Carbone, and Luigi Mangialardi," Efficiency of the double roller full toroidal variator", Proceedings of Aimeta 2011, 2011.
Publications in 2010
CARBONE G., DE NOVELLIS L, STEINBUCH M, and COMMISSARIS G," Enhanced CMM model for the prediction of steady state performace in CVT chain drives", JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL DESIGN, vol. 132 (2). 021005, pp. 1--8, 2010.
SCARAGGI M., DE NOVELLIS L., and CARBONE G.," EHL-Squeeze in High Loaded Contacts: The Case of Chain CVT Transmissions", STROJNISKI VESTNIK, no. 56 (4), pp. 523-260, 2010.
DE NOVELLIS L. and CARBONE G.," Traction adn wear problems in CVT trassmissions", II Workshop Tribologia e Industria - Associazione Italiana di Tribologia, 2010.
DE NOVELLIS L. and CARBONE G.," CVT chain modelling: a continuous model vs. a multibody approach", FISITA World Automotiv Congress, 2010.
L. DE NOVELLIS and G. CARBONE," Experimental investigation of chain link forces in continuously variable transmissions", Journal of Mechanical Design, vol. 132, no. 12, pp. 121004, 2010.
Publications in 2009
CARBONE G., DE NOVELLIS L, and MANGIALARDI L," An enhanced CMM model to predict CVT performances: theory vs. experiment", Atti del XIX Congresso AIMETA di Meccanica Teorica e Applicata, 2009.
Publications in 2007
CARBONE G., MANGIALARDI L, VEENHUIZEN P. A, and DE NOVELLIS L," The CMM model of belt-CVT dynamics", , 2007.
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