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Publications in 2015
L. Afferrante and G. Carbone," Statistical theory of wetting of liquid drops on superhydrophobic randomly rough surfaces", Physical Review E , no. 92, 042407, 2015.
G. Carbone, E. Pierro, and G. Recchia," Loading-unloading hysteresis loop of randomly rough adhesive contacts", Physical Review E, no. 92, 062404, 2015.
G. Carbone and I. Giannoccaro," Model of human collective decision-making in complex environments", The European Physical Journal B, no. 88 (12), 339-348, 2015.
Publications in 2014
G. CICALA, V. MAGALETTI, G. SENESI, G. CARBONE, D. ALTAMURA, and C. GIANNINI," Superior hardness and Young's modulus of low temperature nanocrystalline diamond coatings", Materials Chemistry and Physics, 144, vol. 3, pp. 505-511, 2014.
L. AFFERRANTE and G. CARBONE," The effect of drop volume and micropillar shape on the apparent contact angle of ordered microstructured surfaces.", Soft Matter, no. 10 (22), pp. 3906-14, 2014.
L. HEEPE, G. CARBONE, E. PIERRO, A. E. KOLAVEV, and S. N. GORS," Adhesion Tilt-Tolerance in Bio-Inspired Mushroom-Shaped Adhesive Microstructure", Applied Physics Letters, vol. 104, no. 011906, 2014.
A. ANCONA, G. CARBONE, M. SCARAGGI, F.P. MEZZAPESA, and D. SORGENTE," Laser surface micro-texturing to enhance the frictional behavior of lubricated steel", SPIE LASE, vol. 896806-8, 2014.
G. CARBONE and C. PUTIGNANO," Rough viscoelastic sliding contact: Theory and experiments", Physical Review E 89, vol. 3, pp. 032408, 2014.
K. DENING, L. HEEPE, L. AFFERRANTE, G. CARBONE , and S. N. GORB ," Adhesion control by inflation: implications from biology to artificial attachment device", Applied Physics A: Material Science & Processing, 2014.
C. PUTIGNANO , J. LE ROUZIC, T. REDDYHOFF, G. CARBONE , and D. DINI," Theoretical and Experimental Study of Viscoelastic Rolling Contacts Incorporating Thermal Effects", Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology, 2014.
M. SCARAGGI, F. P. MEZZAPESA , G. CARBONE, A. ANCONA, D. SORGENTE, and P. M. LUGARÀ," Minimize friction of lubricated laser-microtextured-surfaces by tuning microholes depth", Tribology International, pp. 123-127, 2014.
G. CARBONE and C. PUTIGNANO," A review of boundary elements methodologies for elastic and viscoelastic rough contact mechanics", Physical Mesomechanics, 17, vol. 4, pp. 321-333, 2014.
C. Putignano, L. Afferrante, L. Mangialardi, and G. Carbone," Equilibrium states and stability of pre-tensioned adhesive tapes", Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 1725-1731, 2014.
C. Putignano, L. Afferrante, G. Carbone, and G. Demelio," Double peeling of elastic pre-tensioned tapes", Fracture and Structural Integrity, vol. 30, pp. 237-243, 2014.
R. Di Mundo, F. Bottiglione, and G. Carbone," Cassie state robustness of plasma generated randomly nano-roughsurfaces", APPL SURF SCI, vol. 316, pp. 324–332, 2014.
N. Menga, C. Putignano, G. Demelio, and G. Carbone," The sliding contact of a rigid wavy surface with a viscoelastic half-space", P ROY SOC LOND A MAT, vol. 470, no. 2169, pp. 20140392, 2014.
MENGA N., PUTIGNANO C., CONTURSI T., and CARBONE G.," Viscoelastic Contact of a Half-Plane Sliding Over a Slightly Wavy Rigid Surface", International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition - IMECE2014-37917, 2014.
CARBONE G., PIERRO E., and CONTURSI T.," Superior adhesion of micro-structured surfaces made of a regular array of mushroom-shaped micropillars", WCAM-2014, 2014.
CARBONE G.," Predicting shape and contact angle of drops on superhydrophobic Surfaces: an effective medium approach", Superhydrophobility, bubble stability, and heterogeneous nucleation, 2014.
CARBONE G. and PUTIGNANO C.," Predicting Friction in Viscoelastic Materials: Theory and Experiments", 14th International Colloquium Tribology, 2014.
AFFERRANTE L., CARBONE G., GRIMALDI G., and DEMELIO G.," Micro-Textured Surfaces With Parallel Wall-Like Structures: ‘Modulation’ Of Adhesion Properties With The Direction Of The Applied External Moment", IMECE2014-39845, International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, 2014.
ANCONA A.CARBONEG., CARBONE G., SCARAGGI M., MEZZAPESA F. P. , SORGENTE D., and LUGARÀ P. M.," Laser surface micro-texturing to enhance the frictional behavior of lubricated steel", Conference on Laser-Based Micro- and Nanoprocessing VIII. PROCEEDINGS - SPIE, vol. 8968, 2014.
GIANNOCCARO I., DE VINCENZO I., and CARBONE G.," Ising model of the dynamics of inter-organizational teams", European Conference on Complex Systems, 2014.
PUTIGNANO C. and CARBONE G.," Effects of finite thickness on frictional and contact properties of viscoelastic bodies in sliding contact with randomly rough surfaces", The First European Workshop on Understanding and Controlling Nano and Mesoscale Friction, 2014.
MENGA N., CONTURSI T., and CARBONE G.," Analysis of the elastic adhesive contact in presence of interfacial friction", 4° Workshop AIT, 2014.
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